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Travelling with children

We provide everything you need to travel safely with your children from, child seats to information about where you can find what you need for your children.
Ps: it’s important that you provide us with information about you child age before the start fo you journey

Travelling in a group

We usually have private and customised tours but we also work with groups as long as the group have the same program tour but we do not have group tours that you can join.

Travelling solo

Travelling solo is one of the great things that you can have as a gift for yourself, as long your trip is well organised.

We make sure that you have a guide that speaks your language and a driver who has a good knowledge about your destination, and also the best accommodation services.

If it’s a hiking or trekking tour we also provide you with the equipment you need tents, a cook, and muleteer or camel rides if you trekking the desert to carry your luggage (Food, clothes, water, and tents … ) and thing you need during your trip.

Food, drink and dietary requirements

Almost all the tours we have are half board wish means that our accommodations partners provide breakfast and dinner so we can leave some space for you where you can discover for you own the Moroccan kitchen and cuisine.

For trekking / hiking Programs it’s a  full board, where our cook travels with you to ensure food preparation during your journey.

Please info us about your type of food before the start of your tour (vegetarian, Vegan … ).

Ps: We would be glad to hear more about food that you like and type of food that you don’t, to make sure that your food experience in Morocco goes as you wish.

Safety and medical information

About safety, Morocco is one of the most stable countries in Africa. but we also take care of your safety in cities as well as in mountains by staying available and connected to you also by providing a good guide who knows what to do in case of emergencies.

Our cars 4×4 and mini bus are always equipped with first medical needs.

Ps : please tell us about any medical information that we may need to know about you before starting your journey with us.


Travel Insurance

Our Travel agency has an official insurance for anyone who travels with us. the insurance covers almost everything that can happen during your travel. but we also having your own personal travel insurance recommend.

Currency information

About Currency, Dollars and euros are the easiest to exchange in Morocco as well as other Currencies.

What should I bring?

You can bring your normal Travelling bag as well as some sun protection :).

But if you want to help local people and have some impact on Moroccan society in villages and mountains you can bring something to give away like your old close your or things that you don’t really use anymore, anything can be great to help those poor people in mountains or in the desert can be super welcome.


Arrival information

We Provide Pickups from any airport you may arrive in at anytime you want, one of our team will be waiting for you with your name in a big whiteboard so you see it once you arrive.

Ps : Giving the date, hour, and the flight number and ID of your arrival well help us and you also so you can get an easy and comfortable pickup.

Hiking / trekking information

We do have everything that may a hiker needs, our mountains or deserts Guides manage a team of locals to provide you with the best support possible, from camels or mules, and a cook to prepare food and different dishes and plates for your trekking / hiking trip.
We also provide equipment depends on your destination.

Keeping in touch with home

You can easily Keep in touch with home from Morocco none of the websites is banned (facebook, skype, hangout, whats app … ) in Morocco you might have a small problem with VoIP but messages and normal calls work just fine.

Accommodation and Transport

About accommodations, we usually have mid range or luxury Accommodations and we mainly have partnerships with Riads, guest houses, and local people in rural areas where we guarantee the quality of services but we also have hotels partnerships.

For Transportations, we use 4WD (4×4) or minibus or van with good drivers that can speak your language

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